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Youth Day in Cameroon

This Day is celebrated annually on February 11th. It reflects the awareness and recognition of the youth in the country.

The celebration is marked by parades, in which school children and youth groups participate. Objective : to encourage the youth to display their gifts and talents and to renounce violence.

Each year a theme is chosen by the Government. For 2023 It was : ‘ For the construction of a united and prosperous Cameroon: youth, moral, civic and entrepreneurial training’. For the first time, our students from Nicolas Barre Bilingual Primary and Secondary Schools, Yaounde, participated.

Prior to the Youth Day, there is the Cultural/Bilingual week where the students excelled in traditional dance, entrepreneurship, painting and story telling. Already the talent and genius of each one is unfolding, in the spirit of Nicolas Barre who said : ‘ That each child be brought up in accordance with his or her own innate ability’ (Particular Maxim No. 21).


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