In the 17th century the sisters had been sought after to go to Thailand but that expedition was called off.  The Sisters eventually went again in 1885 but this was cut short in 1907 not least because of a cholera epidemic.  However, this was not the end of the story – merely a pause.  In 1957 the Sisters returned. 

Today the Sisters aim to build up young people for life whether through education or through other pastoral  means.  The Sisters have several communities in Bangkok, Chonburi, Khon Kaen, Non-Somboon, Banphai, Chiang Khong and Kaeng-Kro.

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The story of a moment in the history of the Province of Thailand 2020

While Covid-19 was at a critical point in Thailand, we IJS, quarantined in our own homes just like everyone else, stayed safe from March until June 2020. When the virus had taken a pause and people were allowed more freedom, we IJS in Thailand, like other people of good will, managed to move about quite a bit.


We moved out to help those who were so affected by COVID-19 that their very survival was threatened, by sharing with them our sacks packed with necessary provisions for living.

We also made visits to the bed-ridden, the old, the sick, and those with disabilities who were confined in their own homes in poor living conditions.

After Covid-19 was pronounced halted, we hoped that it was gone forever. But, unfortunately, we have to stay alert to the danger, and keep distancing.  July 1, 2020 was the day the schools re-opened, and now it was the turn of the children to distance themselves from their parents on their first few days away from home, to come to our Infant Jesus Schools. We were allowed to reopen our Day Care Centre, which is situated in the heart of Bangkok, to children from low-income parents, including those whose parents are daily wage workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. They all  enjoy their study and play, and having meals together, from Monday-Friday, from 8.30 am–3.30 pm at our  Infant Jesus Day Care Centre Bangkok.

The fourth ‘move’ was made by our first year novices to their new residence (Novitiate), which is located   in Khon-Kaen (North East of Thailand), in the same compound as Infant Jesus Kindergaten School Khon-Kaen.


It is an important period for the novices to have time for prayer  and for their formation. They also enjoy a lot of space, for gardening, physical excercises and for relaxation as well.


“Let your hearts be opened with a holy joy as you contemplate your happiness and the excellence of your vocation.” (P.M.35)   

Many things were brought to a halt while Covid-19 was spreading far and wide in our country. Now we are so happy to be able to meet, to plan, to work and to discuss in our normal way.  Thanks be to  God!

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