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1686: Death of Nicolas Barré

12. N Barré icon.jpg

With regard to the future, Nicolas Barré put all in God’s hands and prepared for death. This came at about 10.30am on 31 May 1686.  Many people mourned his passing, spreading the news: ‘The holy Minim is dead, the holy Minim is dead!’  This holiness was recognised by the Church three hundred years later when, at his beatification in Rome, on the 7 March 1999, Pope John Paul II said of him: ‘Nicolas Barré tirelessly sought to lead both the people he directed and the charitable teachers to the prayer of the heart, inspired by contemplation of the inexpressible mystery of God who out of love became a human being and even a little child. Nicolas Barré, the spiritual master, was both an apostle and a mystic.’

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